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MNS Low Voltage Switchgear
  • MNS Low Voltage SwitchgearMNS Low Voltage Switchgear
  • MNS Low Voltage SwitchgearMNS Low Voltage Switchgear
  • MNS Low Voltage SwitchgearMNS Low Voltage Switchgear
  • MNS Low Voltage SwitchgearMNS Low Voltage Switchgear

MNS Low Voltage Switchgear

Although CONSO·CN high quality MNS low voltage switchgear has 9 standard modular units for one side, it could install distribution branch in both the front and the rare side. Conso Electrical Science and Technology could produce GGD, GCS,GCK and MNS type low voltage switchgear according to the requirement of clients. In the production of MNS low voltage switchgear, the engineer of Conso Electrical will inspect the production line if it is necessary. It is our main goal to bring a smooth user experience to our users.

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Product Description

Conso Electrical, a prominent player in the electrical manufacturing industry, specializes in the production of cutting-edge MNS Low Voltage Switchgear. As a leading name in China, Conso Electrical collaborates closely with distinguished GCS Low Voltage Switchgear suppliers to ensure the availability of high-quality and technologically advanced solutions. The MNS Low Voltage Switchgear provided by Conso Electrical reflects a commitment to excellence, offering reliable and efficient electrical distribution solutions tailored to diverse applications. The company's strategic partnerships with China GCS Low Voltage Switchgear suppliers further underscore its dedication to delivering top-tier products in the electrical market.

MNS low voltage switchgear Structure Feature:

1. The CONSO·CN high quality MNS low voltage switchgear frame is a combination structure, and the basic framework is assembled from C-type steel. All structural components of the cabinet frame are galvanized and firmly connected to the basic cabinet frame through self tapping locking screws or 8.8 grade hexagonal bolts. In addition, corresponding components such as doors, partitions, installation brackets, and busbar functional units are assembled into a complete switchgear. The internal dimensions, component dimensions, and compartment dimensions of the switchgear vary according to modulus (E=25mm).

2. Each cabinet of the MNS type combined low voltage switchgear is divided into three compartments, namely the horizontal busbar compartment (at the rear of the cabinet), the drawer compartment (at the front of the cabinet), and the cable compartment (at the bottom or right side of the cabinet). The rooms are separated from each other by steel plates or high-strength flame-retardant plastic functional boards, and there are metal plates with ventilation holes between the upper and lower drawers to effectively prevent accidents caused by arcing or short circuits between the switch components and other lines due to faults.

The structural design of the MNS type low voltage switchgear can meet various requirements for incoming and outgoing line schemes: upper in and upper out, upper in and lower out, lower in and upper out, and lower in and lower out.

4. Compact design: accommodates more functional units in a smaller space

5. The structural components have strong universality and flexible assembly, with E=25mm as the modulus. The structure and withdrawable units can be combined arbitrarily to meet the needs of system design

6. The busbar is protected by high-strength flame-retardant and high insulation plastic functional plates, which have anti fault arc performance and ensure safe and reliable operation and maintenance

7. The mechanical interlocking mechanisms of various sizes of drawers comply with standard regulations, with three obvious positions for connection, testing, and separation, ensuring safety and reliability.

8. Adopting standard module design: it can form standard units for protection, operation, conversion, control, adjustment, measurement, indication, etc., and can be assembled arbitrarily according to requirements.

MNS low voltage switchgear in assembling:

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