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GGD Low Voltage Switchgear
  • GGD Low Voltage SwitchgearGGD Low Voltage Switchgear
  • GGD Low Voltage SwitchgearGGD Low Voltage Switchgear
  • GGD Low Voltage SwitchgearGGD Low Voltage Switchgear
  • GGD Low Voltage SwitchgearGGD Low Voltage Switchgear

GGD Low Voltage Switchgear

Conso Electrical high quality GGD Low Voltage Switchgear is widely used in a compact substation as the Excellent installation flexibility. Conso Electrical Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a producing firm mainly to produce low voltage and medium voltage panels. Conso Electrical built a long term relationship with components distributors such as ABB and Schneider. Conso Electrical would switch the components of a low voltage switchgear according to the requirement of users. Meanwhile, Conso Electrical accumulated excellent solutions of low voltage and medium voltage panels. Our engineer could make the design plan more rational.

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Product Description

Conso, a renowned manufacturer based in China, takes pride in presenting the GGD Low Voltage Switchgear – a pinnacle of excellence in electrical engineering. Our state-of-the-art facilities in China serve as the birthplace of innovation, where precision meets technology to craft superior GGD Low Voltage Switchgear solutions. As a trusted industry leader, Conso is dedicated to providing cutting-edge electrical solutions that redefine reliability and performance in power distribution systems.

CONSO·CN high quality GGD low voltage switchgear Introduction:

Categorized by purpose: distribution cabinet, busbar interconnection cabinet, feeder cabinet, motor control cabinet, reactive power compensation cabinet, and lighting distribution cabinet.

Versatile in application, with a wide range of component choices, allowing for interchangeability with many domestic and imported brands.

Excellent installation flexibility; even if certain products are phased out by regulatory authorities in the future, the GGD cabinet's flexibility in installation will prevent installation issues due to component changes or updates.

Components are designed with modular standards, featuring installation holes and common coefficients for ease of assembly.

Designed according to industrial product aesthetics, employing the golden ratio for the cabinet's overall design and partition dimensions, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing and refreshed appearance.

Consideration for heat dissipation during cabinet operation: the cabinet features heat dissipation slots at both the top and bottom ends. As electrical components within the cabinet generate heat, it rises and is expelled through the upper slots, while cold air continuously enters the cabinet through the lower slots. This creates a natural ventilation pathway within the sealed cabinet, achieving efficient heat dissipation.

Cabinet panels are coated using spray plastic technology, offering strong adhesion and a high-quality texture. The entire cabinet has a matte finish, avoiding glare and providing a more comfortable visual environment for operators.

The cabinet's top cover can be easily removed when needed, facilitating on-site assembly and adjustments of the main busbars. The top of the cabinet is equipped with suspension rings for lifting and transportation.

The cabinet's protection rating is IP30, but users can choose between IP20 and IP40 based on site-specific environmental requirements.

GGD low voltage switchgear parameter:




Main Circuit Rated Voltage


AC 400

Auxiliary Circuit Rated Voltage


AC 110 to 400

Rated Frequency



Rated insulation Voltage



Rated Current



Busbar Rated Short Time Withstand Current



Busbar Rated Peak Withstand Current



Power Frequency Test Voltage(1 min)

Main Circuit



Auxiliary Circuit



Protection Level

Enclosure IP54

GGD low voltage switchgear in assembling:

GGD low voltage switchgear in Package:

GGD low voltage switchgear Workshop:

GGD low voltage switchgear in Application:

GGD low voltage switchgear Ordering Instructions

When placing an order, please provide the following information:

Full model of the product (including the main circuit scheme and auxiliary circuit scheme).

Main circuit system combination sequence diagram and floor layout plan.

Electrical schematic diagram of the auxiliary circuit.

Component list inside the cabinet.

If the user has any special requirements, they should be discussed with the manufacturer.

The ordering unit should specify the receiving unit, settlement unit, settlement method at the station, and the method of pickup.

If a busbar bridge is required, please provide specific details.

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