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GCS Low Voltage Switchgear
  • GCS Low Voltage SwitchgearGCS Low Voltage Switchgear
  • GCS Low Voltage SwitchgearGCS Low Voltage Switchgear
  • GCS Low Voltage SwitchgearGCS Low Voltage Switchgear
  • GCS Low Voltage SwitchgearGCS Low Voltage Switchgear

GCS Low Voltage Switchgear

Compare with the GCK low voltage switchgear, CONSO·CN GCS low voltage switchgear is the advanced type low voltage switchgear. It has more modular unit and more reasonable extraction and propulsion device. Conso Electrical Science and Technology is the experienced manufacturer to assemble GCS low voltage switchgear. The company produce GCS low voltage switchgear according to the single line drawing, layout plan and purchasing list from clients. Meanwhile, Conso Electrical accumulates the distribution solutions of GCS low voltage switchgear, we could make the distribution power system more reasonable.

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Product Description

Conso Electrical is a distinguished player in the electrical manufacturing sector, renowned for its expertise in producing GCS Low Voltage Switchgear. As a leading name in China, Conso Electrical collaborates closely with reputable GCS Low Voltage Switchgear suppliers to ensure the delivery of high-quality and technologically advanced solutions. The GCS Low Voltage Switchgear provided by Conso Electrical exemplifies a commitment to excellence, offering reliable and efficient electrical distribution solutions for a diverse range of applications.

GCS low voltage switchgear Structure Feature:

1.Increase the thermal capacity of the adapter and significantly reduce the additional temperature rise caused by the temperature rise of the adapter to the connectors, cable heads, and partition plates.

2.The separation between functional units and compartments is clear and reliable, and the failure of one unit does not affect the operation of other units, limiting the fault to the minimum range.

3.The 3-bus horizontal arrangement ensures good dynamic and thermal stability of the device, and can withstand the impact of 80/176kA short-circuit current.

4.The number of circuits in a single MCC cabinet can reach up to 22, fully considering the needs of automation electric door (machine) groups in industries such as large single unit capacity power generation and petrochemical systems.

5.The connection between the 5 devices and external cables is completed in a cable compartment, and the cables can enter and exit up and down. The zero sequence current transformer is placed in the cable compartment for easy installation and maintenance.

6.In the same power distribution system, the short-circuit current can be limited by matching the current limiting reactor to stabilize the bus voltage at a certain value, and it can also partially reduce the requirements for the short-circuit strength of components.

7.Drawer units have a sufficient number of secondary plug-in units (32 pairs for 1 unit and above, and 20 pairs for 1/2 unit). It can meet the requirements of computer interfaces and automatic control circuits for the number of contacts.

GCS low voltage switchgear in assembling:

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