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1600 kva Oil Immersed Distribution Transformer
  • 1600 kva Oil Immersed Distribution Transformer1600 kva Oil Immersed Distribution Transformer
  • 1600 kva Oil Immersed Distribution Transformer1600 kva Oil Immersed Distribution Transformer

1600 kva Oil Immersed Distribution Transformer

Conso Electrical Science and Technology Co., Ltd has developed manufacturing procedure and product design concept on distribution transformer, compact substation, and vacuum circuit breaker since 2006. To ensure the quality of The 1600 kVA Oil Immersed distribution transformer, the company relies on automated production machinery with advanced intelligence. Each 1600 kVA Oil Immersed distribution transformer deserves a series of factory tests before shipping. In the case of material costs fluctuations, the engineer will design the most appropriate solution to match the requirement of clients. We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you.

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Product Description


The 1600 kVA Oil Immerseddistributiontransformer inspection tips:

(1) Check if the 1600 kVA Oil Immerseddistribution transformer emits a normal "humming" electromagnetic sound while in operation.

(2) Inspect whether the 1600 kVA Oil Immerseddistribution transformer oil is transparent and has a slightly yellow color, indicating normal quality.

(3) Verify the oil temperature and oil level during transformer operation for normalcy and the absence of any leakage.

(4) Ensure that the voltage and current are within normal parameters while the 1600 kVA Oil Immerseddistribution transformer is running.

(5) Examine the 1600 kVA Oil Immerseddistribution transformer lead connections, cables, and busbars for any signs of overheating.

(6) Inspect the 1600 kVA Oil Immerseddistribution transformer bushing for cleanliness, cracks, and discharge marks, and confirm that the cooling system is functioning correctly.The 1600 kVA Oil Immerseddistributiontransformer.

Conso electrical will offer a operation guide with each transformer, the tips above wishes to offer more information.

The 1600 kVA Oil Immerseddistributiontransformer Technical Value:

Rated Capacity:  1600 kva;
Mode:  S11-M-1600 or depends;
No loading loss:  1640 W or depends;
loading loss:  14500 W or depends;
Impedance:  4.5%;
Cooling method:  ONAN;
Rated Frequency:  50 or 60Hz;
Winding Material: Copper Winding (standard);
Vector Group: Dyn11; Yyn0 or depends;
Temperature Rise:  60K/65K or depends.

CONSO·CN the 1600 kVA Oil Immersed distribution transformer Detail:

Oil Filled
Oil Emptied
Amorphous Alloy
Rolled Iron Core

CONSO·CN the 1600 kVA Oil Immersed distribution transformer Workshop:

Winding Workshop

Coil Drying Area

Oil Filling Area

Finished Product Area

the 1600 kVA Oil Immersed distribution transformer Testing Center:

some recommendations for achieving economic operation of the 1600 kVA Oil Immersed distribution transformer:

When constructing a new substation in stages, considering load growth, and having only one transformer in the initial phase, the transformer's capacity should be determined in accordance with the final scale. The transformer's load factor should be close to the optimal economic operating range, generally below 75%. If there are no immediate expansion plans, the transformer should not operate at full load.

Multiple transformers operating in parallel should meet the following conditions for parallel operation: the connection groups and phase relationships are the same; voltage and turns ratio are the same within allowable tolerances; each voltage level falls within the regulation range; to prevent circulating currents due to electromotive force differences between secondary windings, which could affect capacity output and damage the transformers. The short-circuit impedance should be the same, within a 10% allowable tolerance; capacity ratio should be between 0.5 and 2; ensure even load distribution to prevent overloading of transformers with lower capacity and impedance, while larger capacity and higher impedance transformers remain underloaded. The magnitude of the short-circuit impedance must meet system short-circuit current requirements, otherwise, limiting measures should be taken.

When selecting technical parameters for power transformers, the overall reliability of the transformer should be the basis. Consider the advanced and rational nature of technical parameters while also taking into account their impact on system safety. Take into consideration the transformer's inherent comprehensive losses. When load losses are essentially the same, choose transformers with lower no-load losses if possible, and ensure that load losses meet the requirements of the national standard "Technical Parameters and Requirements for Three-Phase Oil-Immersed Power Transformers."

the 1600 kVA Oil Immersed distribution transformer Producing Equipment:

Transformer Oven

Casting Equipment

Foil winding machine

CONSO·CN the 1600 kVA Oil Immersed distribution transformer Ready to Ship:

Package method:

Wooden Box

Steel Structure

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